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  1. eBay rolls out a tool that generates product listings from photos

    eBay's new generative AI tool, rolling out on iOS first, can write a product listing from a single photo -- or so the company claims.

  2. Microsoft to indemnify corporation customers that use Copilot AI

    Microsoft today announced that it will indemnify commercial customers that use its Copilot AI services.

  3. Low-code platform Retool makes it easier to bring AI smarts to business apps

    Retool launches new AI-based workflow automations and a new hosted vector store, making it easier to integrate LLMS with up-to-date data.

  4. Anthropic’s Claude AI chatbot gets a paid plan for heavy users

    Claude Pro costs $20 per month in the US or £18 per month in the UK.

  5. AI research lab Imbue nabs $200 million for speculative bet to build AI ‘Agents’

    Imbue has a $1 billion valuation and access to 10,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, but its founders Kanjun Qiu and Josh Albrecht say it could be years away from revealing a product.

  6. Mindtrip raises $7 million in seed funding to build an AI travel agent

    Mindtrip has just raised $7 million in seed funding from Costanoa Ventures to help carve out its own chunk of the 10% of the economy that’s spent on travel and hospitality.

  7. IBM rolls out new generative AI features and models

    IBM is rolling out new generative AI features and models as a part of its new Watsonx platform.

  8. Opera GX browser adds Aria AI to improve gamer experience

    Opera GX, the web browser tailored for gamers, wants to revolutionize the browsing experience with the introduction of Aria, a sophisticated browser AI designed to assist users with a wide range of tasks.

  9. Inceptive raises $100 million to design new vaccines and therapies with AI

    Investors are betting big on startups like Inceptive that are merging biotech and AI. This funding round triples Inceptive's valuation to over $300 million since it's $20M seed round in 2021.

  10. HubSpot announces a range of new AI sales and marketing tools geared toward SMBs

    HubSpot AI is a new suite of new AI features available to users of HubSpot's social publishing and marketing tools.

  11. Google will soon require disclaimers for AI-generated political ads

    Google says political advertisers must ‘prominently disclose’ whether their ad uses AI starting in November.

  12. OpenAI will host its first developer conference on November 6

    OpenAI will host a developer conference — its first ever — on November 6, the company announced today.

  13. Apple is reportedly spending ‘millions of dollars a day’ training AI

    The company reportedly believes that Ajax, its most advanced language model, is more powerful than ChatGPT.

  14. New open-source ‘Falcon’ AI language model overtakes Meta and Google

    Meta's massive, 70-billion parameter LLaMA 2 has been outflanked by the newly released 180-billion parameter Falcon Large Language Model.

  15. Slack’s AI tool that can recap channels and threads starts testing this winter

    Slack AI can do things like summarize channel discussions, threads, and search for answers in relevant messages, files, and channels.

  16. Zoom launches AI Companion to summarize meetings for late attendees

    Zoom, the videoconferencing and messaging platform, is getting into the built-in generative AI assistant game, according to a blog post on Tuesday.

  17. Norwegian AML software firm Strise secures $10.8M funding for global expansion

    Norwegian AML software firm, Strise, raises $10.8 million in Series A funding. The AI-powered platform offers a 90 percent reduction in diligence time with KYC automation.

  18. Intuit launches generative AI-powered digital assistant for small businesses and consumers

    Intuit, the U.S. financial and accounting software giant, has unveiled its generative AI-powered digital assistant for small businesses and consumers.

  19. AI chip startup d-Matrix raises $110 million with backing from Microsoft

    Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence chip startup d-Matrix has raised $110 million from investors that include Microsoft Corp at a time when many chip companies are struggling to raise cash.

  20. Robot software firm Mujin raises $85M

    Today, the startup is announcing an $85 million Series C, bringing its total funding up to $150 million.

  21. Gleen AI arrives with $4.9M in funding to stop AI hallucinations using enterprises’ own data

    Specifically, Gleen has created proprietary AI and machine learning (ML) layer independent of the LLM the enterprise customer wants to deploy.

  22. Kindo raises $7M for AI productivity platform for businesses

    Kindo has successfully raised $7 million in seed funding for the launch of its secure AI productivity platform for businesses.

  23. Harmonya bags $20M to decipher product data for CPG brands

    The company uses AI to generate product attributes from things like titles, descriptions, ingredients and consumer reviews.

  24. ThetaRay nabs $57M for AI tools to fight money laundering

    ThetaRay, which has built an AI-based anti-money-laundering (AML) platform that automatically scans and identifies illicit transaction activity at banks and other financial institutions, has picked up $57 million.

  25. UK-based Mindgard tackles security for the AI space with £3M

    UK-based AI security startup, Mindgard, secures £3 million in funding to expand its operations, providing AI security solutions and protecting enterprises from evolving AI threats.

  26. Atomicwork raises $11 million to add AI to the employee experience

    Atomicwork has used generative AI to develop new software that aims to vastly reduce workplace complexity for employees.

  27. Belfast startup Enzai raises $4m to help companies use AI safely

    Governments around the world are coming up with new AI regulations — making it increasingly hard to use the tech without breaking the rules.

  28. OpenAI plugs ChatGPT into Canva to sharpen its competitive edge in AI

    Now ChatGPT Plus users can "talk" to Canva directly from OpenAI's bot, making their workflow easier.

  29. Meta releases BELEBELE, a multilingual AI benchmark spanning 122 languages

    BELEBELE represents the largest parallel multilingual benchmark ever created specifically for reading comprehension.

  30. Samsung is bringing Generative AI to Bixby and Tizen to all home appliances

    During its IFA 2023 press conference, Samsung announced its plans to bring Generative AI to Bixby. It also said Bixby and Tizen will come to all its home appliances starting next year.

  31. X’s privacy policy confirms it will use public data to train AI models

    X’s recently updated privacy policy informed its users it would now collect biometric data as well as users’ job and education history, Bloomberg spotted earlier this week.

  32. OpenAI angles to put ChatGPT in classrooms with special tutor prompts

    OpenAI has a few ways for teachers to put ChatGPT to use outside its usual role as “research assistant” for procrastinating students.

  33. US curbs AI chip exports from Nvidia and AMD to some Middle East countries

    The U.S. expanded the restriction of exports of sophisticated Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices artificial-intelligence chips beyond China to other regions including some countries in the Middle East.

  34. Pirros, a startup that applies AI to streamline drawing sets for buildings and infrastructure, lands $2 million seed round

    Pirros, which helps architecture and engineering firms more efficiently manage their drawing sets, announces a $2 million seed round.

  35. IBM and Salesforce team up to bring AI tools to their shared clients

    Today, IBM and Salesforce announced they are joining forces to bring Salesforce AI solutions to customers of both companies.

  36. Gannett pauses AI-written articles after social media mockery

    Major US publisher Gannett has paused the use of AI to write articles after they were mocked on social media for being badly written.

  37. Meta releases a dataset to probe computer vision models for biases

    Meta has released a new dataset, FACET, to probe computer vision models for biases against certain ‘classes’ of people.

  38. AI-powered BeFake is a real app, not a BeReal parody…and it has $3M in funding

    BeFake, a social networking app that combines concepts from popular Gen Z app BeReal along with AI technology, has netted itself $3 million in seed funding to create an AI-augmented social network.

  39. OpenAI-backed language learning app Speak raises $16M to expand to the US

    Speak, an English language learning platform backed by OpenAI’s startup investment fund, the OpenAI Startup Fund, today announced that it raised $16 million in a Series B-2 funding round led by angel investor Lachy Groom.

  40. Martian Lawyers Club raises $2.2M for AI-based game personalization tech

    The Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) wants to take game personalization to the next level with the help of generative AI.

  41., the 'Figma for data teams', bags €2.5M in seed funding empowers global businesses understand and validate their data product needs before building costly data pipelines.

  42. Google’s AI-powered search expands outside US to India and Japan

    Google is bringing its generative AI search experience to the first countries outside the U.S., the company announced today, starting with expansions in India and Japan.

  43. Generative AI startup AI21 Labs lands $155M at a $1.4B valuation

    AI21 Labs, a company competing against OpenAI and Anthropic, among other generative AI players, has raised $155 million in capital.

  44. Call of Duty will use AI to moderate voice chats

    Activision has partnered with the artificial intelligence company Modulate to provide live AI-powered moderation for Call of Duty voice chats.

  45. ChatGPT-maker OpenAI accused of string of data protection breaches in GDPR complaint filed by privacy researcher

    Questions about ChatGPT-maker OpenAI’s ability to comply with European privacy rules are in the frame again after a detailed complaint was filed with the Polish data protection authority yesterday.

  46. Baidu among first firms to win China approval for AI models

    China will approve the first batch of generative artificial intelligence services for public rollout as soon as this week, freeing up homegrown technology champions including Baidu Inc. to openly compete with the likes of OpenAI Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

  47. AI-powered drone beats human champion pilots

    Swift AI used technique called deep reinforcement learning to win 15 out of 25 races against world champions.

  48. Google Assistant and Alexa finally play nicely together — but only on one speaker lineup

    Harman's new JBL Authentics speakers are the first on the market to feature both Google Assistant and Alexa.

  49. Typeface teams with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud to launch unified ‘GenAI Marketing Solution’

    Typeface is teaming with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud to provide marketers an AI-driven end-to-end solution for campaigns.

  50. Context raises $3.5M to elevate LLM apps with detailed analytics

    Context plans to use the capital to build out its engineering team and further improve its product to deliver better analytics for LLM apps.

  51. QuantHealth brings its AI-informed clinical drug trials to the US with $15M round

    QuantHealth, a Tel Aviv-based startup that develops an AI-powered platform to help drug makers avoid clinical failures, has raised a $15M round.

  52. British officials say AI chatbots could carry cyber risks

    British officials are warning organisations about integrating artificial intelligence-driven chatbots into their businesses, saying that research has increasingly shown that they can be tricked into performing harmful tasks.

  53. Voxel raises another $12 million to makes workplaces safer

    Voxel's artificial intelligence tools help employers to intervene before workplace accidents happen

  54. OpenAI passes $1 billion revenue pace as big companies boost AI spending

    OpenAI is currently on pace to generate more than $1 billion in revenue over the next 12 months from the sale of artificial intelligence software and the computing capacity that powers it.

  55. General Motors to use Google AI chatbot for its OnStar service

    GM is using Google's Dialogflow AI chatbot to provide non-emergency OnStar concierge services like navigation and routing.

  56. US Copyright Office wants to hear what people think about AI and copyright

    The agency is open to receiving comments around copyright and AI until October. It may use the comments to create new rules.

  57. Rockset to boost real-time database for AI era with $44M raise

    Rockset finds that applications need real-time indexing on vector embeddings as well as on traditional databases.

  58. Snapchat is jumping on the AI selfie train with ‘Dreams’

    ‘Snapchat’s latest generative AI feature, called Dreams, creates packs of selfies based on specific themes. Snap is charging for use of multiple packs via in-app purcha

  59. Quora’s Poe launches bot search, announces enterprise package

    Quora's AI chatbot product Poe announced new features including a search for custom bots and plans for an enterprise tier.

  60. raises $10M for industrial manufacturing troubleshooting platform

    Today, the startup announced that it has raised an oversubscribed $10 million in Series A round, led by Origin Ventures with participation from Amity Ventures, Tokio Marine Future Fund, S3 Ventures, GTM Fund, Alpha Square Group and FJ Labs. It has now raised $13.75 million.

  61. Google’s Duet AI is now available in Gmail, Docs, and more for $30 a month

    Now, you can use Google’s AI to make spreadsheets, whip up slide decks, and summarize all those documents you were never going to actually read.

  62. Google Meet Duet AI can take notes and even attend meetings for you

    Google Meet is getting a torrent of Duet AI features at Cloud Next 2023 from “takes notes for me” and “attend for me” to studio audio and video enhancements.

  63. Google made a watermark for AI images that you can’t edit out

    The SynthID watermark is meant to be impossible for you to see in an image but easy for the detection tool to spot. Google’s ready and willing for it to get tested and broken.

  64. Bing Chat Enterprise is being added to Windows Copilot for Windows Beta and Dev Insiders

    Windows Insiders in the Beta and Dev channels who are commercial users can soon access Microsoft's recently revealed chatbot AI Bing Chat Enterprise in the preview for Windows Copilot.

  65. OpenAI ChatGPT Enterprise launches

    OpenAI on Monday announced its biggest news since ChatGPT’s debut: It’s launching ChatGPT Enterprise, the AI chatbot’s business tier, available starting today.

  66. UK startup Jitty raises $2M to build AI-driven home search platform

    Jitty, backed by former Deliveroo employees, aims to revolutionize home buying with its comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools.

  67. ConverSight raises $9M to accelerate data analytics with generative AI

    ConverSight, a company accelerating data analytics with generative AI, has raised $9M in fresh funding from Surface Ventures.

  68. DoorDash launches AI-powered voice ordering technology for restaurants

    DoorDash is launching AI-powered voice ordering that will allow restaurants to increase their sales by answering all of their calls.

  69. Automated software testing startup Qualiti lands $6.5M in seed funding

    Software testing automation startup Qualiti Inc. said today it has closed on a $6.5 million round of seed funding led by Sierra Ventures with participation from Epic Ventures.

  70. Yahoo unveils an AI email assistant (and it works with Gmail)

    Yahoo’s AI tools can answer questions based on your inbox and automatically draft suggested emails to merchants when you forget to use your gift cards.

  71. Salesforce survey flags AI trust gap between enterprises and customers

    Salesforce's survey of 14,000 business buyers and consumers found adopting AI could mean risking a trust gap with consumers.

  72. Alibaba launches AI model that can understand images and have more complex conversations

    Alibaba launched on Friday two new artificial intelligence models — Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat — the company says can understand images and carry out more complex conversations.

  73. New York Times, CNN and Australia’s ABC block OpenAI’s GPTBot web crawler from accessing content

    Chicago Tribune and Australian newspapers the Canberra Times and Newcastle Herald also appear to have disallowed web crawler from maker of ChatGPT.

  74. Bootstrapped AI startup Aily Labs lands €19m from Insight

    The company has been profitable since its first year of operating, and now plans to bolster its team of generative AI specialists

  75. Modular secures $100M to build tools to optimize and create AI models

    Modular, a startup developing a set of tools to accelerate and create AI models, has raised $100 million in a funding round.

  76. OpenAI partners with Scale AI to allow companies to fine-tune GPT-3.5

    OpenAI has partnered with Scale AI, the data labeling startup, to enable fine-tuning GPT-3.5 models with Scale's tools.

  77. US AI startup Poolside raises $126m seed round and relocates to France

    Poolside AI has raised a $126m seed round and is relocating to build a tool that could write code, sources tell Sifted

  78. ZeroEyes secures $23 million as demand surges for AI gun detection

    The oversubscribed funding round comes on the heels of ZeroEyes achieving over 300% year-over- growth.

  79. Google, Amazon, Nvidia and other tech giants invest in AI startup Hugging Face, sending its valuation to $4.5 billion

    An array of Big Tech companies just contributed to a $235 million round for AI startup Hugging Face, which creates tools for artificial intelligence developers to share and test their work openly, similar in spirit to GitHub for programming.

  80. Meta launches own AI code-writing tool: Code Llama

    Meta’s entrant into the many code-generating AI models is Code Llama, which also has two other specialized versions for Python and natural language processing.

  81. South Korea's Naver launches generative AI services

    South Korean internet giant Naver unveiled its own generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool on Thursday, joining the frenzy around the new technology initiated by OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot.

  82. Nvidia’s Q2 earnings prove it’s the big winner in the generative AI boom

    Nvidia proves there is money to be made — and lots of it — selling the picks and shovels of the generative AI boom.

  83. Midjourney adds new ‘vary region’ feature to rival Photoshop Generative Fill

    Midjourney says the tool can sometimes be unpredictable, generating outputs that are the opposite of what you’ve asked for.

  84. Google Workspace gets ‘AI-powered’ security: 10 new Gmail, Drive enhancements

    Google is unleashing a slew of new security features inside Gmail, Drive, Meet, Docs and Chat in a move to make Workspace more powered by artificial intelligence.

  85. Twilio expands CustomerAI capabilities with generative and predictive AI

    New Twilio CustomerAI capabilities use voice intelligence, predictive analytics and generative journeys to help build marketing campaigns.

  86. Snap confirms EU users will soon be able to opt out of content ‘personalization’

    Snap has become the latest mainstream social media firm to trail incoming changes in Europe that include the ability for users of its messaging app to Snap is adding the ability for EU users of its messaging app to switch off tracking-based content personalization ahead of a deadline for compliance with rebooted digital rules.

  87. Lex raises $2.75M for its AI writing tool that helps writers get past blocks

    Lex, an AI-powered writing tool, today said it has raised a $2.75 million seed round led by True Ventures.

  88. Ex-Pinterest staffer launches AI app to beat Pinterest, raises $5 million

    Crate analyzes content people like, from TikTok videos to news articles, to give them personalized recommendations about what products they should buy.

  89. raises $4.2M to scale its AI-powered creative tool for artists, an AI-powered creative tool that gives artists the ability to manually customize and visualize their ideas, has raised $4.2 million.

  90. raises $3 million to help clients build with generative AI

    Portkey's founders believe their platform can help users develop LLM-powered tools and applications with speed and scale.

  91. Ideogram AI secures $16.5M seed round to expand its generative AI platform

    Generative AI platform Ideogram AI announced the completion of a $16.5 million seed round co-led by a16z and Index Ventures.

  92. Salesforce leads financing of Hugging Face at more than $4 billion valuation

    Salesforce is leading a financing round in Hugging Face, one of the most highly valued startups helping businesses use artificial intelligence, at a valuation north of $4 billion, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

  93. OpenAI brings fine-tuning to GPT-3.5 Turbo

    OpenAI has launched fine-tuning for GPT-3.5 Turbo, one of its lightweight text-generating models, through an API.

  94. Sizzle AI launches free study habits app to foster engagement, backed by $7.5M seed funding

    Sizzle AI is a free interactive app that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to guide learners step by step through problem-solving, including those tricky word problems.

  95. Microsoft’s AI-powered design tool is now widely available in Edge

    Edge users in the US can now access Microsoft Designer from the browser’s sidebar.

  96. Hugging Face announces SafeCoder, an AI code assistant for the enterprise

    Built on the StarCoder family of open source code models, SafeCoder is a complete end-to-end commercial solution.

  97. Microsoft may bring AI capabilities to apps like Paint and Photos on Windows 11

    Microsoft has been toying with bringing AI capabilities to a handful of in-box Windows 11 apps, including Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint.

  98. Meta releases multilingual speech translation model

    Meta released a new speech-to-text model that can translate nearly 100 languages called SeamlessM4T, as the company continues to try to make a universal translator.

  99. Meta confirms AI ‘off-switch’ incoming to Facebook, Instagram in Europe

    Meta has confirmed that non-personalized content feeds are incoming on Facebook and Instagram in the European Union ahead of the August 25 deadline for compliance with the bloc’s rebooted digital rulebook, the Digital Services Act (DSA).

  100. ElevenLab's AI voice-generating technology is expanding to 30 languages

    Now your voice can be used to say things in all kinds of different languages, while still sounding like you.

  101. Accure Battery Intelligence raises €7.2M in funding

    Accure Battery Intelligence, an Aachen, Germany-based provider of predictive analytics software to ensure battery safety, performance and extended life for energy storage, electric vehicles, and other applications, raised €7.2M in funding.

  102. IBM taps watsonx generative AI to help modernize COBOL on mainframes

    IBM is now using generative AI large language models (LLMs) to help bring COBOL applications into the modern era.

  103. Google DeepMind commissioned free to use art to change AI perceptions

    Google DeepMind wants to change the perception that the public has about AI by offering alternative art and imagery that’s “more diverse and accessible.”

  104. The New York Times blocks OpenAI’s web crawler

    The NYT’s robot.txt page that controls how it appears to automated bots built to index the internet now specifically disallows OpenAI’s GPTBot.

  105. Snapchat is expanding further into generative AI with ‘Dreams’

    Snapchat is preparing to further expand into generative AI features, after earlier launching its AI-powered chatbot My AI.

  106. Customer engagement platform Beamer raises $20M

    Beamer, a platform for building tools to measure and monitor customer engagement, has raised $20 million in a funding round.

  107. Microsoft takes down embarrassing travel articles but won't blame AI

    Microsoft said the articles were not published by 'unsupervised AI' and blamed 'human error'. But the scope of the errors should concern readers.

  108. YouTube is working on a plan to compensate artists and rightsholders for AI music

    YouTube announced today how it plans to approach the impact AI technology is having on the music industry with regard to its video hosting platform and its existing partnerships across the music industry, including with artists, labels and other rightsholders.

  109. Genesis Therapeutics closes $200m series B to advance AI-discovered drug pipeline

    The oversubscribed round was co-led by an undisclosed U.S. life sciences investor and returning lead investor Andreessen Horowitz.

  110. SK Telecom buys major stake in AICC developer Persona AI

    The telecom giant will apply its domestic partner's know-how like voice recognition and natural language processing to client service

  111. Singapore workers are the world’s fastest in adopting AI skills, LinkedIn report says

    Workers in Singapore are the world’s fastest when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence skills, according to LinkedIn’s latest Future of Work report.

  112. UK to spend £100m in global race to produce AI chips

    Funds to be used to order key components from major chipmakers Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

  113. India to expand digital payments with AI-powered voice transactions

    India is to roll out ways of making voice-based and offline digital payments to expand the country’s fast-growing digital infrastructure and close a yawning divide between rural and urban areas.

  114. AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted, rules a US Federal Judge

    United States District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell found that AI-generated artwork can’t be copyrighted, putting to rest a lawsuit against the US Copyright Office over its refusal to copyright an AI-generated image.

  115. AI2 drops biggest open dataset yet for training language models

    Language models are powerful, but their training data is largely secret. AI2 aims to change this with a new dataset that's free and open.

  116. Scientists use A.I. to reconstruct Pink Floyd using the brain activity of surgical patients

    Scientists have successfully reconstructed Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 1’ by decoding the brain activity of patients who listened to the song while waiting for brain surgery.

  117. Viome, a microbiome startup, raises $86.5M, inks distribution deal with CVS

    Viome — which has built a business out of assessing customers’ microbiomes, applying AI to the data, and using that to provide them with supplements and other guidance based on the findings — has raised $86.5 million to expand its business.

  118. Luma AI's iPhone app turns videos into 3D flythroughs that mimic professional drone footage

    Luma AI, a startup specializing in AI graphics, presents an impressive new feature: 3D flythroughs generated from 2D video that resemble professional drone flights.

  119. Meta's next AI attack on OpenAI: free code-generating software

    Meta Platforms is preparing to launch software to help developers automatically generate programming code, a challenge to proprietary software from OpenAI, Google and others, according to two people with direct knowledge of the product.

  120. Microsoft plans AI service with Databricks that could hurt OpenAI

    Microsoft has hitched its wagon to OpenAI when it comes to selling artificial intelligence that can understand language and write emails, meeting summaries and slide decks. Now Microsoft has found a second horse to ride in the AI race: Databricks, which has positioned itself as a kind of anti-OpenAI.

  121. Microsoft pulls AI-written article telling tourists to visit the Ottawa Food Bank

    Microsoft published and then removed an AI-generated travel article that prominently recommended tourists visit the Ottawa Food Bank. The company let go of human journalists in favor of AI in 2020.

  122. Runway launches new ‘Watch’ feature as CEO says Hollywood AI discourse ‘needs to be more nuanced’

    Runway launched a new 'Watch' feature for users to share AI-generated videos as CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela weighed in on Hollywood AI discourse.

  123. Top Google AI experts pick Japan to set up on their own

    Llion Jones and David Ha take inspiration from nature with start-up Sakana AI

  124. Buildbox introduces StoryGames.AI for creators to build game narratives with AI

    Buildbox wants ordinary creators and aspiring game developers to create the visual games of the future with its new tool StoryGames.AI.

  125. Arthur releases open source tool to help companies find the best LLM for a job

    Arthur, a NYC startup, released an open source tool today that helps companies compare LLMs to find the best one for their requirements.

  126. Ex-Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff joins former colleagues to launch personal assistant AI startup

    Spencer Rascoff, Anna Rodriguez, and Tony Small spent years figuring out how to help small businesses convert leads into transactions when they worked together at Zillow Group. Now they’re teaming up again to solve the same problem — with a boost from generative artificial intelligence.

  127. 'New York Times' considers legal action against OpenAI as copyright tensions swirl

    The news publisher and maker of ChatGPT have held tense negotiations over striking a licensing deal for the use of the paper's articles to train the chatbot. Now, legal action is being considered.

  128. Consulting giant McKinsey unveils its own generative AI tool for employees: Lilli

    The tool serves up information, insights, data, plans, and even recommends the most applicable internal experts.

  129. The Associated Press sets AI guidelines for journalists

    AP, a standards stalwart for the news industry, told its staff to avoid using ChatGPT to create publishable content.noop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow are two of the voices that you can listen to.

  130. OpenAI acquires AI design studio Global Illumination

    OpenAI has acquired Global Illumination, a New York-based AI design studio, marking its first public purchase.

  131. Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to launch AI-science moonshot

    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is building an ambitious new organization to tackle scientific challenges with the help of artificial intelligence, according to people briefed on the plans.

  132. Canadian government seeks input on voluntary code of practice for generative AI

    Canada's intent to establish a code of practice demonstrates its commitment to ensuring generative AI evolves in a way that benefits society.

  133. NCSoft's new AI suite is trained to streamline game production

    The VARCO models will be able to generate more lifelike NPCs, storylines and dialog.

  134. Opera’s iOS web browser gains an AI companion with Aria

    Opera’s web browser app for iOS is getting an AI assistant. The company announced today that Opera for iOS will now include Aria, its browser AI product built in collaboration with OpenAI, integrated directly into the web browser, and free for all users.

  135. DynamoFL raises $15.1m to help enterprises adopt ‘compliant’ LLMs

    DynamoFL, a startup building a set of tools to test LLMs for privacy and general compliance, has raised $15.1 million in a funding round.

  136. Adobe rolls out new generative AI features for Adobe Express

    Adobe Express now utilizes Adobe’s Firefly generative AI model to create custom images and text effects for your social media and marketing graphics.

  137. Google tests an A.I. assistant that offers life advice

    The tech giant is evaluating tools that would use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that some of its researchers have said should be avoided.

  138. OpenAI is using GPT-4 to build an AI-powered content moderation system

    The company says humans should still be involved in the moderation process.

  139. Google ‘SGE while browsing’ offers ‘AI-powered key points’ on long articles

    The biggest update to Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) since its launch will let the AI appear outside Search results and be accessible when you’re just browsing the web.

  140. Dialpad launches generative AI trained on 5 years of proprietary conversational data

    In the latest example of smaller, domain-specific LLMs trained on proprietary data, today Dialpad announced the launch of DialpadGPT.

  141. Google Photos adds a scrapbook-like Memories view feature aided by AI

    Google Photos is introducing a new way to relive and share your most memorable moments with the introduction of a new Memories view, launching today to U.S. users.

  142. 67% of IT leaders say AI can increase employee efficiency

    AMD's new survey of 2,500 global IT leaders reveals most regard AI tools positively, even though over half haven't personally used them yet.

  143. Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences, raises $15M

    Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences powered by models like OpenAI's GPT-4, has raised $15 million in venture capital.

  144. Grit emerges with $7M in funding to automate software maintenance

    The company was founded by Morgante Pell, a former Senior Staff Architect at Google Cloud, and is backed by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

  145. Saudi Arabia and UAE race to buy Nvidia chips to power AI ambitions

    Gulf nations acquire thousands of GPUs amid global shortage of semiconductors needed to build large language models.

  146. The New York Times prohibits using its content to train AI models

    The publication has updated its T&Cs to include rules that forbid its content from being used to train artificial intelligence systems.

  147. Amazon is rolling out a generative AI feature that summarizes product reviews

    Amazon is rolling out a generative AI feature that summarizes product reviews for customers. The company said in a blog post Monday that it will use AI to pick out common themes in reviews and summarize them in a short paragraph on the product detail page.

  148. SK Telecom invests $100. mil in US AI startup Anthropic

    SK Telecom will invest $100 million in U.S.-based generative AI startup company Anthropic in a bid to improve its competence in the emerging technology and further develop various language-based AI services for global markets, the mobile carrier said Sunday.

  149. AI will be at the center of the next financial crisis, SEC chair warns

    AI will be at the center of future financial crises — and regulators are not going to be able to stay ahead of it. That's the message being sent by SEC chair Gary Gensler, arguably the most important and powerful regulator in the U.S. at the moment.

  150. Google appears to be readying an AI writing tool for ChromeOS

    Building on the company’s ongoing momentum on generative AI tools, it seems Google is readying an AI writing and editing feature for Chromebooks.

  151. Microsoft’s Copilot AI can now help deploy field workers

    Field technicians can use AI to make jobs go faster, but also lets managers micromanage them.

  152. Microsoft changes Services Agreement to add restrictions for AI offerings

    Microsoft has added rules and restrictions for its AI offerings in its Terms of Service, that will go into effect on September 30.

  153. Zoom rewrites its policies to make clear that your videos aren’t used to train AI tools

    Zoom explicitly says that it won’t use the content of your videoconferencing to train its AI models.

  154. Stability AI launches Stable Chat website research preview

    The new website provides an opportunity for the open source AI community to directly evaluate and assist in strengthening these state-of-the-art models.

  155. Researchers create AI village where bots plan Valentine's Day parties

    Researchers from Stanford and Google have made an entire AI village. The 25 bots that live there gossip, work, and plan Valentine's Day parties.

  156. Hive AI to seek $200 million in funding and valuation jump

    Hive AI, a software company that uses artificial intelligence to moderate digital content, is seeking to raise $200 million, according to people familiar with the matter.

  157. FEC could limit AI in political ads ahead of 2024

    The Federal Election Commission decided that it will consider rules regulating the use of AI-generated content in political ads ahead of the 2024 election season.

  158. Data visualization startup Virtualitics lands $37M investment

    Virtualitics, which is developing software for data analytics and visualization, has raised $37 million in a venture funding round.

  159. ChatGPT expands its ‘custom instructions’ feature to free users

    OpenAI announced that it’s expanding custom instructions — a way to give users more control over how ChatGPT responds — to all users, including those on the free tier of the service.

  160. Getty Images, AP and News Media Alliance all sign open letter to regulate AI in journalism

    Ten of the largest news agencies signed the letter calling for transparency and clear copyright laws.

  161. ‘Water intelligence’ startup Wint nabs $35M to help companies find and stop leaks

    Wint, a so-called “water intelligence” company that says it uses AI to detect and stop leaks, has raised $35 million in a Series C round of funding.

  162. Middleware raises $6.5M in seed funding to transform cloud observability with AI

    Middleware, a startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and enhance cloud observability, announced today that it has raised $6.5 million in a seed round led by 8VC.

  163. Amazon offers sellers AI tool to write product descriptions

    Amazon is rolling out an artificial intelligence tool for sellers on its marketplace that will write copy for product listings, a company spokesperson confirmed, marking one of the first examples of Amazon integrating large-language models into its e-commerce business.

  164. Anthropic launches improved version of its entry-level LLM

    Anthropic, the AI startup founded by ex-OpenAI employees, has released an updated version of its entry-level text-generating AI model, Claude Instant.

  165. Tome, AI startup founded by ex-Meta managers, discusses fundraising at $600 million valuation

    Tome, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to make it easier to create and design presentations, has talked to investors about raising new money that could double its valuation to up to $600 million, according to two people with direct knowledge of the discussions.

  166. China’s internet giants order $5bn of Nvidia chips to power AI ambitions

    Baidu, ByteDance, Tencent and Alibaba rush to acquire GPUs amid concern US will soon clamp down on their export

  167. TikTok deepfakes and AI content can now be disclosed by content creators at a tap

    TikTok video uploads may now have an AI-generated content disclosure label option so that creators can protect themselves from getting banned.

  168. Roblox is aiming for Westworld-like ease of design with generative AI tools

    The Roblox CEO’s vision for 3D creation is a text prompt that creates whatever items you ask for.

  169. Microsoft unveils next-gen AI solutions to boost frontline productivity amid labor challenges

    Microsoft aims to enhance the efficiency of frontline service professionals through Copilot integrated into Dynamics 365 Field Service.

  170. Google, OpenAI team up with the White House for cybersecurity challenge

    A handful of companies are also opening their systems up to public review.

  171. Google Arts & Culture gets Material You redesign, adds AI Poem Postcards

    Besides the updated ‘&’ logo, Google today detailed a redesign of Arts & Culture for Android, while marking the occasion with Poem Postcards.

  172. Weights & Biases, which counts OpenAI as a customer, lands $50M

    Weights & Biases, a startup developing MLOps tools used by thousands of companies, has raised $50 million in a venture round.

  173. Microsoft, Aptos Labs team up on new blockchain AI tools

    Microsoft has been hungry for thousands of graphics processing units to ramp up capacity for artificial intelligence. Not having enough could spell trouble.

  174. IBM to launch Meta's Llama 2 on watsonx AI platform for businesses

    International Business Machines said on Wednesday it would host Meta Platforms' artificial intelligence language program on its own enterprise AI platform, watsonx.

  175. Deepset secures $30M to expand its LLM-focused MLOps offerings

    Deepset, a platform building an LLM-focused MLOps platform targeted at enterprises, has raised $30 million in a funding round.

  176. John Lewis signs AI partnership with Google Cloud

    The £100m deal will give the retailer access to Google’s AI and machine learning technology.

  177. Quizlet launches four generative AI-powered tools to simplify studying

    This back-to-school season is unlike any other, thanks to ChatGPT and the ensuing AI tool boom. Here's how Quizlet plans to help students excel now.

  178. Amazon removes AI-generated books that spoofed an author's byline

    Jane Friedman said the tech giant initially refused to exterminate a swarm of books purporting to be written by her that were, in fact, penned by bots.

  179. Google and Universal Music negotiate deal over AI ‘deepfakes’

    Google and Universal Music are in talks to license artists’ melodies and voices for songs generated by artificial intelligence as the music business tries to monetise one of its biggest threats.

  180. Google launches Project IDX, a new AI-enabled browser-based development environment

    Google launches Project IDX, a cloud-based AI-driven development environment leveraging AI models like Codey to help developers be productive.

  181. Nvidia teams up with Hugging Face to offer cloud-based AI training

    Nvidia is teaming up with Hugging Face to launch a new cloud service for training and experimenting with AI models.

  182. Nvidia’s AI Workbench brings model fine-tuning to workstations

    Nvidia has launched AI Workbench, a tool designed to enable developers to fine-tune and test AI models on local workstations before scaling them to a cloud or data center.

  183. MindsDB raises funding from Nvidia to democratize AI application development

    MindsDB, a database platform facilitating AI-centric applications, today announced the successful conclusion of a $5 million investment round led by NVentures, an arm of Nvidia.

  184. Nvidia unveils upgraded AI processor, Grace Hopper Superchip

    Nvidia Corp. announced an updated AI processor that gives a jolt to the chip’s capacity and speed, seeking to cement the company’s dominance in a burgeoning market.

  185. Disney creates task force to explore AI and cut costs - sources

    Walt Disney has created a task force to study artificial intelligence and how it can be applied across the entertainment conglomerate, even as Hollywood writers and actors battle to limit the industry's exploitation of the technology.

  186. Dropzone AI launches autonomous AI agent to investigate security alerts, raises $3.5M in seed funding

    Dropzone AI, a startup that aims to automate the tedious work of investigating security alerts, announced that it has raised $3.5 million in seed funding.

  187. D-ID and ElevenLabs team up to add high-quality AI voices to its video platform

    With this integration, subscribers possessing Pro subscriptions can seamlessly overlay ElevenLab's synthetic voices onto uploaded images, AI-constructed faces, or premium presenters.

  188. Flower lands $3.6M to grow its platform for federated learning

    Flower, a startup building a platform for federated AI model training, has landed a $3.6 million investment from prominent backers.

  189. Stability AI launches StableCode, an LLM for code generation

    StableCode, Stability AI's code-generating LLM, will be available in a base model, an instruction model, and a long-context-window model.

  190. Spotify expands its AI-powered DJ feature globally

    Spotify is expanding its AI-powered “DJ” to dozens of markets globally, six months after debuting the feature in North America.

  191. Meta disbands protein-folding team in shift towards commercial AI

    Move to terminate scientific project comes as Facebook parent prioritises moneymaking AI products over blue-sky research.

  192. Zoom can now train its A.I. using some customer data, according to updated terms

    Zoom’s terms of service update establishes the video platform’s right to use some customer data for training its AI models.

  193. AI model can help determine where a patient’s cancer arose

    The OncoNPC machine-learning model may help identify sites of origin for cancers whose origins are unknown, which could enable targeted tumor treatments.

  194. Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is coming to mobile browsers

    Bing Chat is coming to all mobile browsers. Microsoft had been locking Bing Chat to its own Edge browser, but it’s already starting to work on Chrome and Safari.

  195. Multiplayer raises $3M for AI-based distributed software development

    Multiplayer, a developer tool designed to enhance distributed software development, has raised $3 million in funding.

  196. Tractian gets $45M to expand AI monitoring of industrial machinery

    Tractian, an industrial asset monitoring company that uses AI to predict mechanical failures, has announced a $45 million Series B funding round led by Boston-based venture capital firm General Catalyst and Next47.

  197. Chegg partners with Scale AI to enhance learning experience for students

    Chegg, Inc. the leading student-first online learning company, announced today its partnership with Scale AI, the data infrastructure for AI, to develop proprietary large language models (LLMs) to provide a generative experience through Chegg’s personalized learning assistant.

  198. One Model lands $41M to bring data science-powered insights to HR

    One Model, a company developing a data science-driven platform for HR, has raised $41 million in a funding round.

  199. GPTBot: OpenAI releases new web crawler

    You can now prevent OpenAI's ChatGPT from accessing your website, or parts of it, using robots.txt.

  200. Google Search can now check your grammar

    Google Search has a number of built-in tools from its dictionary to a metronome and multi-sided die, with the most recent addition letting you check grammar on mobile and desktop.

  201. Microsoft Edge will let you rewrite text using Bing AI

    Microsoft continues integrating more AI-based capabilities into its browser. Preview versions of Microsoft Edge (Dev and Canary) received a new feature for rewriting text using Bing AI.

  202. Apple seeks to bolster expertise in generative AI on mobile devices

    Tech giant recruits staff to compress existing language models to run efficiently on iPhones and iPads rather than the cloud.

  203. IGN launched an AI chatbot for its game guides

    IGN is launching an AI chatbot for its game guides, starting with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  204. OpenAI adds ‘huge set’ of ChatGPT updates, including suggested prompts, multiple file uploads

    The new features also come amid reports that OpenAI has filed a trademark application with the USPTO for GPT-5

  205. Tinder’s new AI feature builds the perfect profile by choosing your photos

    Tinder will soon fire up its latest feature: Letting AI be the judge of your dating profile pictures.

  206. Salesforce Einstein Studio to help enterprises train generative AI models

    Salesforce on Friday released a new no-code, interface-based AI and generative AI model training tool, dubbed Einstein Studio, as part of its Data Cloud offering.

  207. SoftBank launches an OpenAI for Japan: SB Intuitions, building LLMs and generative AI in Japanese

    Today, SoftBank put in a bid for businesses and consumers in Japan with the launch of SB Intuitions, a new company that it says will “research and develop homegrown Large Language Models (LLM) specialized for the Japanese language.”

  208. ‘Every single’ Amazon team is working on generative AI, says CEO

    Andy Jassy used Thursday’s earnings call to underscore just how much the company is investing in artificial intelligence.

  209. Tim Cook touts that Apple has been investing in generative AI tech ‘for years’

    Alongside the release of AAPL earnings for Q3 2023, Tim Cook is also touting the company’s investment in generative AI technology.

  210. Twilio calls on OpenAI for generative AI

    Twilio partners with gen AI leader OpenAI to bring GPT-4 to Twilio Engage, which helps build customized and targeted marketing campaigns.

  211. Tromzo secures $8M to lead the charge in AI-powered application security posture management

    Cybersecurity startup Tromzo secures another $8 million in an oversubscribed seed round led by Venture Guides to secure cloud applications.

  212. Datadog adds additional generative AI capabilities to platform

    Datadog Bits uses generative AI to provide real-time recommendations to resolve issues surfaced by the company’s observability platform.

  213. London Stock Exchange Group teams up with Microsoft to develop AI models

    UK exchange operator says it is working with US group in effort to harness new technology.

  214. GitHub Copilot can now tell developers when its suggestions match code in a public repository

    GitHub Copilot's new feature code referencing feature shows developers which public repository content matches a Copilot suggestion.

  215. Microsoft is deprecating Cortana on Windows 11.

    Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on Cortana. The change is being implemented via a new update for Windows Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels.

  216. CoreWeave, which provides cloud infrastructure for AI training, secures $2.3B loan

    CoreWeave, which provides cloud infrastructure for AI training, secures $2.3B loan

  217. Acelab raises $5.3M to transform architecture with ML search

    They manually researched more than 39,000 products from hundreds of manufacturer websites and put them in structured database.

  218. Alibaba rolls out open-sourced AI model to take on Meta's Llama 2

    Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group's cloud computing unit released two open-sourced artificial intelligence (AI) models on Thursday in a bid to take on Meta Platform.

  219. IBM and NASA deploy open-source geospatial AI foundation model on Hugging Face

    IBM and NASA announce the availability of geospatial foundation model on Hugging Face, the leading community for open AI models.

  220. AI chip firm Tenstorrent raises $100 mln from Hyundai, Samsung

    Tenstorrent, a Canadian startup headed by chip industry veteran Jim Keller that is developing artificial intelligence chips, said on Wednesday it has raised $100 million from Hyundai Motor Group and a Samsung investment fund, among others.

  221. White Castle will bring more AI to its drive-thrus

    The AI-powered drive-thru will be hearing yelling kids in 100 locations.

  222. once took you to ChatGPT. Now, it goes to Elon Musk's xAI

    The domain name was directed to ChatGPT in February, but now it directs to xAI, an Elon Musk project.

  223. Windows Copilot, Microsoft's new AI assistant, rolls out to more Insiders

    Beta Channel Insiders can now try Microsoft's new AI assistant for Windows.

  224. Google’s AI search is getting more video and better links

    Search Generative Experience is getting better, bit by bit — and it’s very clearly the future of Google.

  225. Elon Musk says Tesla is now working on ‘final piece of the FSD AI puzzle’

    Elon Musk says Tesla is now working on the “final piece of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) AI puzzle,” and apparently that is “vehicle control.”

  226. Inworld, a generative AI platform for creating NPCs, lands fresh investment

    Inworld, a startup creating tools to build NPCs powered by generative AI, has raised new funds from Lightpseed and others.

  227. Meta open sources framework for generating sounds and music

    Meta has released a toolset, AudioCraft, with a collection of models designed to generate audio and sound given text prompts.

  228. ‘No sign’ Apple will launch generative AI in 2024, says Kuo

    Published on Medium this morning, Kuo’s latest note includes some predictions about Apple’s quarterly earnings performance, how its stock may react in the short term, and some details about its generative AI efforts.

  229. ChatGPT-like AIs are coming to major science search engines

    Scopus, Dimensions and Web of Science are introducing conversational AI search.

  230. Instagram is working on labels for AI-generated content

    The in-development feature highlights when a piece of content has been ‘created or edited with AI.’

  231. AI use in breast cancer screening as good as two radiologists, study finds

    Preliminary results from major trial show use of technology almost halves human workload

  232. Google launches fund for female founders in Asia-Pacific, focusing on AI startups

    The fund will provide $100,000 in equity-free cash to six female-founded startups this year.

  233. Uber is developing an AI-powered chatbot to integrate into app

    Uber Technologies Inc. is developing an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to integrate into its app, joining the long list of companies that are turning to the language tool to improve customer service, marketing and other automated tasks.

  234. Some U.S. government agencies are testing out AI to help fulfill public records requests

    Open government and civil rights advocates warn that using AI to answer Freedom of Information Act requests may create new problems.

  235. Kickstarter requires generative AI projects to disclose additional info

    Kickstarter will soon require generative AI projects, including projects that use generative AI tools, to disclose more info about the AI aspects of their work.

  236. Fiverr launches Business Solutions and Neo AI matching algorithm

    Fiverr Neo is powered by generative AI, specifically the kind of large language models (LLMs) that are in vogue now.

  237. Neon raises $46 Million to advance serverless PostgreSQL database for the AI era

    Neon offers a serverless cloud service, providing the open-source PostgreSQL relational database.

  238. Similarweb unveils AI assistant for faster access to insights

    SimilarAsk simplifies access to sophisticated digital analytics, providing answers to digital business questions in response to a text prompt.

  239. Generative AI services pulled from Apple App Store in China ahead of new regulations

    Multiple generative AI apps have been removed from Apple’s China App Store, two weeks ahead of the country’s new generative AI regulations that are set to take effect on August 15.

  240. YouTube uses AI to summarize videos in latest test

    The test is only available for a limited number of videos and users, and won’t replace existing video descriptions, but YouTube hopes they’ll help viewers decide what to watch.

  241. Akkio raises $15M to advance no-code AI platform for businesses

    Akkio raised $15M in a series A round to accelerate the adoption of its no-code platform helping enterprises deploy AI in minutes.

  242. HeyGen and Canva bring AI avatar videos to your designs

    HeyGen, an AI video generation platform, has partnered with Canva, a popular graphic design platform, to bring AI avatars to Canva designs.

  243. Meta prepares chatbots with personas to try to retain users

    Facebook owner seeks to seize on hype for AI while challenging rivals such as OpenAI, Snap and TikTok

  244. Google will ‘supercharge’ Assistant with AI that’s more like ChatGPT and Bard

    Google laid off parts of the team that works on Assistant as it focuses on using generative AI.

  245. Google delists AI Test Kitchen app on Android and iOS

    Once a miniature playground for the public to test Google’s blossoming AI-powered tools, the AI Test Kitchen app has been delisted for both Android and iOS.

  246. Dell, Nvidia join forces for next-gen generative AI solutions

    Dell is announcing new validated designs with Nvidia for helping enterprises deploy Generative AI workloads into production on-premises.

  247. Amazon creates new group to work on its 'Most Ambitious' AI models

    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has direct oversight of a new group that's working on the company's most ambitious artificial intelligence models.

  248. BigCommerce and Google team on AI-powered features for eCommerce

    BigCommerce is leveraging Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to add new AI-powered features to its open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eCommerce platform.

  249. OpenAI’s trademark application hints at GPT-5’s arrival

    OpenAI has filed a trademark application for “GPT-5” with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  250. Pearson offers new AI study tools in time for back-to-school

    Pearson Plc will introduce generative artificial intelligence study tools into its online higher education platform in time for the upcoming academic year, as the education publisher seeks to allay investor concern over the threat of AI to digital education services.

  251. Gartner says conversational AI capabilities will help drive worldwide contact center market to 16% growth in 2023

    Worldwide contact center (CC) and CC conversational AI and virtual assistant end-user spending is projected to total $18.6 billion in 2023, an increase of 16.2% from 2022, according to Gartner, Inc.

  252. Microsoft hints Windows 11 Copilot with third-party AI plugins is almost here

    Windows Copilot's plugins support is around the corner and Microsoft is seeking feedback from developers to help shape the future of 'third-party AI plugins' for the OS.

  253. Blackstone’s Breit sells property to finance push into AI data centres

    Flagship $68bn real estate fund turns net seller to meet redemptions and serve artificial intelligence boom

  254. Hippocratic AI Raises $15M and Announces Founding Partner Program

    The program brings together leading health systems and digital health companies who will take on integral roles in guiding the development of their AI model over the next five years.

  255. Google’s DeepMind team highlights new system for teaching robots novel tasks

    Things that appear simple to humans have potentially infinite variables that we take for granted. Robots don’t have such luxuries.

  256. Microsoft warns of service disruptions if it can’t get enough A.I. chips for its data centers

    Microsoft has been hungry for thousands of graphics processing units to ramp up capacity for artificial intelligence. Not having enough could spell trouble.

  257. a16z-backed Rewind launches an iPhone app to help you remember everything

    a16z-backed Rewind has launched an iPhone app that privately records your activity on Safari so you can questions about it later.

  258. Intel CEO: ‘We’re going to build AI into every platform we build’

    Intel is about to launch Meteor Lake, its first chip with an onboard neural processor. It’s just the start.

  259. Mobile website builder Universe launches AI-powered designer

    Universe, the no-code mobile website builder, announced today it's launching an AI-powered website designer in beta.

  260. DoorDash is working on an AI chatbot to speed up food ordering

    DoorDash Inc., the US food-delivery service that competes with Uber Technologies Inc. and GrubHub, is looking to speed up ordering and help customers find food options with an artificial intelligence-based chatbot.

  261. Generative A.I. will upend the workforce, McKinsey says, forcing 12 million job switches and automating away 30% of hours worked in the U.S. economy by 2030

    It won’t cause long-term job losses, McKinsey says—instead it will lead to a wholesale redistribution of the workforce.

  262. LinkedIn seems to be working on an AI ‘coach’ for job applications

    LinkedIn might be launching a new generative chatbot that can help you apply for jobs and connect with others.

  263. SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel Launch Global Telco AI Alliance

    The alliance aims to accelerate AI transformation in the telecommunications industry and create innovative AI-powered business models.

  264. Beyond Work raises $2.5M to make work more ‘human’ with LLMs

    London-based Beyond Work, a startup looking to make work more human with LLMs, today announced $2.5 million in pre-seed funding.

  265. Artifact is getting an AI-powered text-to-speech feature to read you the news

    Artifact — the news app from Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger — is adding an AI-powered text-to-speech feature that will read you news articles. Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow are two of the voices that you can listen to.

  266. RapidAI secures $75 million to continue developing clinical AI solutions

    RapidAI has secured $75 million in Series C funding to continue developing its clinical artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

  267. Adobe unveils new AI-powered Photoshop tools for image generation and expansion

    Adobe has announced two new AI-powered features coming to Photoshop that aim to enhance creative workflows and provide more intuitive image generation capabilities.

  268. Stack Overflow jumps into the generative AI world with Overflow AI

    Stack Overflow disrupts its community approach to asking technical questions with a new set of generative AI-powered initiatives.

  269. Thymia: AI mental health startup raises $2.7 million

    The London-based startup uses AI to monitor patients' mental health symptoms, for depression and anxiety.

  270. SEC targets AI in new Wall Street internet reforms plan

    The Securities and Exchanges Commission announced Wednesday proposed new rules that SEC chair Gary Gensler says will address potential conflicts of interest in the use of artificial intelligence on Wall Street.

  271. Customer experience platform Kapture CX raises $4 million in funding

    According to the company, it will utilise the capital to expand its presence across international markets, enhance its product offerings as well as strengthen its team.

  272. AutogenAI, a generative AI tool for writing bids and pitches, secures $22.3M

    A startup out of London called AutogenAI has built a tool based on generative AI that it claims can help businesses write stronger pitches to improve that strike rate, and it has won some money of its own: $22.3 million from Blossom Capital

  273. Meta to charge cloud providers for AI tech that it said was free

    Meta Platforms Inc. plans to make money from the major cloud-computing companies when they resell its artificial intelligence large language model, Llama 2.

  274. ServiceNow partners with Nvidia and Accenture on ‘AI Lighthouse’ for rapid enterprise AI adoption

    The program aims to help customers build and deploy custom generative AI large language models (LLMs) and generative AI applications.

  275. OpenAI hires former Microsoft lawyer to oversee publisher negotiations

    OpenAI has hired a onetime Microsoft intellectual property lawyer, Tom Rubin, to oversee products, policy and partnerships, the company confirmed.

  276. AWS announces generative A.I. tool to save doctors time on paperwork

    Amazon Web Services on Wednesday announced a new service for health-care software providers called AWS HealthScribe, which uses generative artificial intelligence and speech recognition to automatically draft clinical documentation.

  277. Stability AI releases its latest image-generating model, Stable Diffusion XL 1.0

    Stable Diffusion has released its latest image-generating AI model, Stable Diffusion XL 1.0. It improves upon its predecessor in several key areas.

  278. Graft raises $10 million to build an AI development platform for the masses

    Graft is attempting to take the complexity out of building AI applications with a templatized approach to development.

  279. Shopify’s latest product updates focus on AI tools to entice smaller merchants

    Much of Shopify's product focus is on releasing AI tools to help merchants cut down on the time it takes to complete administrative tasks.

  280. Protect AI raises $35M to build a suite of AI-defending tools

    Protect AI has raised $35 million to build out its suite of tools for protecting AI apps and models from cyberattacks.

  281. Montreal startup HumanFirst raises $5M to transform organizations’ conversational data into no-code AI

    The company today announced $5 million in seed funding from three smaller “safe-note” financing rounds, led by Panache Ventures, and joined by Inovia, Real Ventures, BoxOne Ventures, and angels including Lookout founder Kevin Mahaffey.

  282. OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and Anthropic form body to oversee safe ‘frontier AI’ development

    OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Anthropic are forming a new body designed to ensure "safe and responsible" AI development.

  283. GitHub and others call for more open-source support in EU AI law

    Open-source AI developers suggested some tweaks to the proposed rules as EU lawmakers move toward finalizing the AI Act. Their goal is to make it easier for open-sourced artificial intelligence technology to flourish.

  284. Alibaba's cloud unit brings Meta's AI model Llama to its clients

    Alibaba's cloud computing division said it has become the first Chinese enterprise to support Meta's open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model Llama, allowing its Chinese business users to develop programs off the model.

  285. More than 70% of companies are experimenting with generative AI, but few are willing to commit more spending

    More than half (54.6%) of organizations are experimenting with gen AI, while a few (18.2%) are already implementing it.

  286. Netflix lists $900,000 AI job as actors and writers continue to strike

    Will this pair of Hollywood strikes ever end? It looks like the big corporations are digging in for a long battle, illustrated by Netflix’s recent job posting for a machine learning platform product manager.

  287. Nvidia announces availability of DGX Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for generative AI training

    Nvidia said that DGX Cloud is designed to meet the massive supercomputing demands for training generative AI and large language models.

  288. ChatGPT for Android is now available in the US, India, Bangladesh and Brazil

    A few days after putting up a pre-order page on Google Play, OpenAI has flipped the switch and released ChatGPT for Android.

  289. Cohere releases Coral, AI assistant designed for enterprise business use

    Cohere's Coral uses AI and NLP to help knowledge workers receive responses to sector-specific requests, based on proprietary company data.

  290. Stay Ai’s tech helps Shopify brands get customers to make that second purchase

    Stay Ai raised a $15.1 million Series A to deliver even more next-generation subscription and retention tools.

  291. Wayfair's AI tool can redraw your living room and sell you furniture

    The home decoration company’s new Decorify AI remodeling tool is clumsy but could be effective for visualization while remodeling.

  292. Akooda Raises $11M to Scale World's First Operations Intelligence Platform to Help Companies Make Faster Decisions

    Akooda, the world's first Operations Intelligence platform, today announced $11 million in seed funding from NFX, Atlassian Ventures, Village Global, Founder Collective, and others.

  293. G3PO AI is OpenAI’s answer to Microsoft x Meta’s Llama 2 AI

    It seems OpenAI will release their own LLM AI model soon, and for now the codename for it is G3PO. However, the project does not have a release date.

  294. MIT's 'PhotoGuard' protects your images from malicious AI edits

    A new digital watermarking technique for MIT CSAIL seeks to prevent unauthorized image edits by malicious AI.

  295. OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool

    Dashing the hopes of educators, OpenAI decommissions its AI Classifier due to poor accuracy.

  296. raises $5 million to expand its team to support product and tech development of the AI-powered edtech start-up

    The London-based start-up is using AI to search for the most relevant educational video content for its users

  297. KT invests over $11 mn in AI software company Moreh

    South Korea's KT Corp. will invest 15 billion won ($11.6 million) in Moreh, a Seoul-based artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure software company.

  298. Windows 11 Bing AI rolls out for Google Chrome with dark mode, but with limitations

    Microsoft has finally started rolling out to Google Chrome and Safari and is also A/B testing a native dark theme for the ChatGPT-powered.

  299. Apple is already using its chatbot for internal work

    The company’s chatbot reportedly helps its employees work, and Apple GPT may be considering using it to help with customer support.

  300. ChatGPT comes to Android next week, but you can sign up today

    Two months after launching for iOS, ChatGPT is available to 'pre-order' for Android users who want to take the ubiquitous chatbot on the go.

  301. Microsoft unveils TypeChat library for building natural language interfaces

    Open source library draws on TypeScript and type definitions to retrieve structured responses from AI models that are type-safe.

  302. Adaptive gaming Audio Platform Raises $2.5 Million has announced a $2.5 million seed round to revolutionize how games are soundtracked.

  303. Meet FreeWilly, Stability AI's Large And Mighty Instruction Fine-Tuned Models

    Stability AI and its CarperAI lab are proud to announce FreeWilly1 and its successor FreeWilly2, two powerful new, open access, Large Language Models (LLMs).

  304. Wall Street’s most AI-enthusiastic bank delivers machine-generated research notes

    JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest U.S. bank, has been wading into artificial intelligence to a greater extent than its rivals and is now producing a series of research notes that are AI-generated.

  305. OpenAI, Google, others pledge to watermark AI content for safety, White House says

    Top AI companies including OpenAI, Alphabet and Meta Platforms have made voluntary commitments to the White House to implement measures such as watermarking AI-generated content to help make the technology safer, the Biden administration said.

  306. Sergey Brin is back in the trenches at Google

    Co-founder is working alongside AI researchers at tech giant’s headquarters, aiding efforts to build powerful Gemini system.

  307. OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot now has 'custom instructions' to store your preferences

    OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now do a better job of remembering who you are and what information it needs to know about you every time you start a new chat.

  308. GitHub’s Copilot Chat AI feature is now available in public beta

    GitHub’s AI-powered coding chatbot is available to Copilot for Business users starting today.

  309. NYC subway using AI to track fare evasion

    An MTA spokesperson said the software doesn’t flag fare evaders to New York police but declined to comment on whether that policy could change.

  310. Google tests A.I. tool that is able to write news articles

    The product, pitched as a helpmate for journalists, has been demonstrated for executives at The New York Times, The Washington Post and News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal.

  311. OpenAI increases GPT-4 message cap to 50 for ChatGPT Plus users

    OpenAI increased messages to 50 every three hours, allowing ChatGPT Plus users to interact more with GPT-4, Code Interpreter, and plugins.

  312. Microsoft Teams is adding Maybelline’s AI-powered ‘makeup’ filters

    The Maybelline Beauty app adds 12 AI-powered ‘digital makeup’ looks for Teams Enterprise users to apply during meetings.

  313. MosaicML launches MPT-7B-8K, a 7B-parameter open-source LLM with 8k context length

    MosaicML has unveiled MPT-7B-8K, an open-source large language model (LLM) with 7 billion parameters and an 8k context length.

  314. Apple tests ‘Apple GPT,’ develops generative AI tools to catch OpenAI

    Apple Inc. is quietly working on artificial intelligence tools that could challenge those of OpenAI Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and others, but the company has yet to devise a clear strategy for releasing the technology to consumers.

  315. Unstructured, which offers tools to prep enterprise data for LLMs, raises $25M

    Unstructured, a startup developing tools to help companies prep data for use with LLMs, has raised $25 million across Series A and seed rounds.

  316. Has ChatGPT / Bing Chat gotten dumber? According to this study, maybe.

    A new study by researchers at Stanford shows a drift in ChatGPT's performance.

  317. SAP invests in generative AI startups Anthropic, Cohere and Aleph Alpha

    SAP, the consulting giant, is making direct investments in three major generative AI startups: Anthropic, Cohere and Aleph Alpha.

  318. CodeSee adds generative AI to explore code bases with natural language queries

    CodeSee, a startup that helps developers visualize their code base, announced a new generative AI capability to ask questions about the code.

  319. Preply, the language app known for its live tutors, closes out Series C at $120M and doubles down on AI

    Preply, a company built around human tutors, plans to use the funding to double down on artificial intelligence.

  320. FedML raises $11.5M to combine MLOps tools with a decentralized AI compute network

    FedML, a startup developing MLOps tools and a decentralized AI model training and serving network, has raised $11.5 million.

  321. Google is testing AI-generated Meet video backgrounds

    Type an AI prompt for ‘Luxurious living room interior,’ and suddenly, you’re video calling from a new tax bracket.

  322. 'I warned you guys in 1984,' 'Terminator' filmmaker James Cameron says of AI's risks to humanity

    Oscar-winning Canadian filmmaker James Cameron says he agrees with experts in the artificial intelligence field that advancements in the technology pose a serious risk to humanity.

  323. OpenAI announces $5 million partnership to support local news

    OpenAI is teaming up with the American Journalism Project(opens in a new tab) (AJP) to support local news, a significant move for AI and the future of media.

  324. Meta and Microsoft release Llama 2, an AI language model for commercial use

    Meta and Microsoft have teamed up to unveil Llama 2, a next-generation large language (very generalized) AI model intended for both commercial and research purposes.

  325. Microsoft brings Bing Chat to the enterprise

    Bing Chat, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot experience, is heading to the enterprise.

  326. Microsoft puts a steep price on Copilot, its AI-powered future of Office documents

    Microsoft 365 businesses will have to pay $30 per user per month extra to get access to Copilot.

  327. Splunk unveils Splunk AI to ease security and observability through generative AI

    The Splunk AI assistant employs generative AI to enable users to engage in natural language conversations and develop queries.

  328. Tractable snaps up $65M led by SoftBank for car and property damage appraisals using AI

    Tractable — which has built computer vision and related AI to carry out remote assessments of damage to property and cars — has picked up a further $65 million in funding.

  329. Windows 11's new AI Copilot rolls out to ALL Insiders in the Dev Channel

    Want to try out Microsoft's new Windows 11 AI assistant? Now you can! The latest Windows 11 preview build, which just started rolling out to Insiders in the Dev Channel finally includes the new Windows Copilot.

  330. Most outsourced coders in India will be gone in 2 years due to A.I., Stability AI boss predicts

    Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque said that most of India’s coders will lose their jobs as the effects of AI mean that it is now possible for software to be developed with far fewer people.

  331. India's Infosys signs five-year AI deal with $2 bln target spend

    India's second-largest software services exporter Infosys said on Monday it has signed a deal with an existing client to provide artificial intelligence (AI) and automation services that will span over five years, with a target spend estimated at $2 billion.

  332. EU's AI lobbying blitz gets lukewarm response in Asia

    The European Union is lobbying Asian countries to follow its lead on artificial intelligence in adopting new rules for tech firms that include disclosure of copyrighted and AI-generated content.

  333. UK’s approach to AI safety lacks credibility, report warns

    A new report examining the UK's approach to regulating AI makes for pretty awkward reading for the government.

  334. SEC is worried chatbots could fuel a market panic

    In a speech, the SEC chair said generative AI increases systemic risks.

  335. First look: Bard ‘Extensions’ will add Google and third-party services

    The next step for Google’s Bard AI will see it directly integrate with some of the company’s own services along with a collection of third-party options, and we have your first look.

  336. UK needs culture shift to become AI superpower - DeepMind co-founder

    The co-founder of leading AI firm DeepMind, which started as a UK company and was sold to Google, says the UK should encourage more risk taking if it wants to become an AI superpower.

  337. Runway raises $27M to make financial planning more accessible and intelligent

    Runway, an FP&A startup that aims to reinvent how businesses use financial data using AI, announced $27.5 million in new funding.

  338. Common Sense Media, a popular resource for parents, to review AI products’ suitability for kids

    The organization says it will build a new rating system that will assess AI products across a number of dimensions, including whether the tech takes advantage of “responsible AI practices” as well as its suitability for children.

  339. Wix's AI Site Generator lets you build an entire website with a prompt

    Wix is launching a new generative AI tool that can create websites, complete with images, from a text prompt.

  340. Intel backs Figure’s Humanoid robot to the tune of $9 million

    Figure tells TechCrunch that it’s adding another $9 million to its war chest courtesy of Intel Capital to help build a humanoid robot.

  341. Thousands of authors urge AI companies to stop using work without permission

    Thousands of writers including Nora Roberts, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Michael Chabon and Margaret Atwood have signed a letter asking artificial intelligence companies like OpenAI and Meta to stop using their work without permission or compensation.

  342. UN Security Council to hold first talks on AI risks

    The United Nations Security Council will hold its first formal discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) this week in New York, with Britain to call for an international dialogue about its impact on global peace and security.

  343. The EU Urges the US to Join the Fight to Regulate AI

    On his way to meeting US officials, the EU’s justice chief, Didier Reynders, tells WIRED the US must deliver on talk of tighter regulation on tech: “Enforcement is of the essence.”

  344. Israel Quietly Embeds AI Systems in Deadly Military Operations

    The Israel Defense Forces have started using artificial intelligence to select targets for air strikes and organize wartime logistics as tensions escalate in the occupied territories and with arch-rival Iran.

  345. Christopher Nolan Warns of ‘Terrifying Possibilities’ as AI Reaches ‘Oppenheimer Moment’

    Christopher Nolan expressed caution about artificial intelligence after a special screening of “Oppenheimer,” drawing a comparison between the rapidly developing technology and his new dramatic feature about the creation of the atomic bomb.

  346. Character.AI in Talks to Raise Funding as Meta Platforms Tests Rival

    Character.AI, which lets users create artificial intelligence–powered chatbots modeled after figures like TV character Tony Soprano and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is in talks with investors about raising an additional round of funding, according to a person with direct knowledge.

  347. AI tool will make landslide prediction easier, researchers say

    New artificial intelligence lets researchers learn more about which variables are more likely to tip an area from firm ground to landslide, a report says.

  348. Elon Musk plans Tesla and Twitter collaborations with xAI, his new startup

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Friday that he plans for his newest venture, the artificial intelligence startup xAI, to collaborate with the automaker both on the “silicon front” and on the “AI software front.”

  349. Designers sue Shein over AI ripoffs of their work

    A group of designers are suing Shein, the Chinese fast-fashion firm reportedly valued at $66 billion, for allegedly stealing independent artists’ works “over and over again, as part of a long and continuous pattern of racketeering.”

  350. Meta launches CM3leon, a more efficient, state-of-the-art generative model for text and images

    Meta is showcasing CM3leon (pronounced like “chameleon”), a single foundation model that does both text-to-image and image-to-text generation.

  351. The Black Mirror plot about AI that worries actors

    Hollywood actors are striking for the first time in 43 years, bringing the American movie and television business to a halt, partly over fears about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI).

  352. AI resurrection of Brazilian singer for car ad sparks joy and ethical worries

    Beloved musician Elis Regina died aged 36 in 1982 but a new Volkswagen commercial shows her duetting with her daughter

  353. Actors say Hollywood studios want their AI replicas — for free, forever

    Actors say Hollywood studios want their AI replicas — for free, forever. The reveal came as SAG-AFTRA actors confirmed they were going on strike.

  354. EchoNous, maker of an AI-powered portable ultrasound system, raises $7M

    EchoNous, a startup that markets a compact, AI-powered ultrasound device, raised $7 million. The funding was noted in a SEC filing and confirmed by a company spokesperson.

  355. OpenAI will train its AI models on The Associated Press’ news stories

    OpenAI will train its AI models on The Associated Press’ news stories for the next two years. In exchange, OpenAI will give AP access to its ‘technology and product expertise.’

  356. Tangibly, a Seattle startup that uses AI to help companies protect trade secrets, raises $6.5M

    Security software startup Tangibly raised $6.5 million to complete its seed round. The company, founded in 2021, helps customers secure and manage intellectual property assets such as trade secrets.

  357. Co-founder of Stability AI, worth billions, says he was tricked into selling stake for $100

    Stability AI is being sued by a co-founder, who claims he was deceived into selling his 15% stake in one of the hottest startups in the sector for $100 to CEO Emad Mostaque, months before the company raised millions at a $1 billion valuation.

  358. Google Bard Can Now Chat With You in Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese

    To catch up to ChatGPT, Google added 40 languages and image capabilities as it rolled its AI chatbot out in the EU and Brazil.

  359. a16z Releases Open-source Repository for Developers to Host AI Companions

    Venture capital firm a16z has released an open-source tutorial stack enabling individuals to create and host their own AI companions through web browsers or text messaging via SMS.

  360. Causaly, an AI platform for drug discovery and biomedical research, raises $60M

    Causaly, a London startup that has built an AI platform to help researchers accelerate the development and testing of drugs, has raised $60 million, a Series B that will be going toward R&D and to continue building out its team.

  361. Stability AI Clipdrop launches Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image tool

    Stability AI launches Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image tool that converts a simple drawing into a dynamic image, providing limitless imaging possibilities to a range of professionals and hobbyists.

  362. FTC investigates OpenAI over data leak and ChatGPT’s inaccuracy

    Google today is rolling out its “AI-first notebook” with a new name: NotebookLM. It was previously called “Project Tailwind,” though the old icon remains in use.

  363. China finalizes first-of-its-kind rules governing generative A.I. services like ChatGPT

    Chinese regulators on Thursday finalized first-of-its-kind rules governing generative artificial intelligence as the country looks to ramp up oversight of the rapidly growing technology.

  364. Stack Overflow CEO teases generative AI tools, addresses moderator protest

    Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar, in a recent wide-ranging interview with VentureBeat, focused on an optimistic view of the generative AI explosion.

  365. OpenAI Vice President denies they're making ChatGPT stupider

    “No, we haven't made GPT-4 dumber,” Welinder tweeted on Thursday. “Quite the opposite: we make each new version smarter than the previous one. Current hypothesis: When you use it more heavily, you start noticing issues you didn't see before.”

  366. Shopify Announces Sidekick, a New AI Assistant for Merchants

    Sidekick can help explain sales trends, help edit your website theme, or answer frequently asked questions.

  367. Google kicks off public testing of NotebookLM, previously Project Tailwind

    Google today is rolling out its “AI-first notebook” with a new name: NotebookLM. It was previously called “Project Tailwind,” though the old icon remains in use.

  368. Elon Musk’s new xAI company launches to ‘understand the true nature of the universe’

    xAI, Elon Musk’s newly formed AI company, has revealed itself with a new website detailing its mission and team at

  369. Bill Gates says AI risks are real but nothing we can’t handle

    In a blog post on Tuesday, the Microsoft co-founder outlined some of the biggest areas of concern with artificial intelligence, including the potential for spreading misinformation and displacing jobs. But he stressed that these risks are “manageable.”