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Latest News

  1. eBay rolls out a tool that generates product listings from photos

    eBay's new generative AI tool, rolling out on iOS first, can write a product listing from a single photo -- or so the company claims.

  2. Microsoft to indemnify corporation customers that use Copilot AI

    Microsoft today announced that it will indemnify commercial customers that use its Copilot AI services.

  3. Low-code platform Retool makes it easier to bring AI smarts to business apps

    Retool launches new AI-based workflow automations and a new hosted vector store, making it easier to integrate LLMS with up-to-date data.

  4. Anthropic’s Claude AI chatbot gets a paid plan for heavy users

    Claude Pro costs $20 per month in the US or £18 per month in the UK.

  5. AI research lab Imbue nabs $200 million for speculative bet to build AI ‘Agents’

    Imbue has a $1 billion valuation and access to 10,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, but its founders Kanjun Qiu and Josh Albrecht say it could be years away from revealing a product.

  6. Mindtrip raises $7 million in seed funding to build an AI travel agent

    Mindtrip has just raised $7 million in seed funding from Costanoa Ventures to help carve out its own chunk of the 10% of the economy that’s spent on travel and hospitality.

  7. IBM rolls out new generative AI features and models

    IBM is rolling out new generative AI features and models as a part of its new Watsonx platform.

  8. Opera GX browser adds Aria AI to improve gamer experience

    Opera GX, the web browser tailored for gamers, wants to revolutionize the browsing experience with the introduction of Aria, a sophisticated browser AI designed to assist users with a wide range of tasks.

  9. Inceptive raises $100 million to design new vaccines and therapies with AI

    Investors are betting big on startups like Inceptive that are merging biotech and AI. This funding round triples Inceptive's valuation to over $300 million since it's $20M seed round in 2021.

  10. HubSpot announces a range of new AI sales and marketing tools geared toward SMBs

    HubSpot AI is a new suite of new AI features available to users of HubSpot's social publishing and marketing tools.

  11. Google will soon require disclaimers for AI-generated political ads

    Google says political advertisers must ‘prominently disclose’ whether their ad uses AI starting in November.

  12. OpenAI will host its first developer conference on November 6

    OpenAI will host a developer conference — its first ever — on November 6, the company announced today.

  13. Apple is reportedly spending ‘millions of dollars a day’ training AI

    The company reportedly believes that Ajax, its most advanced language model, is more powerful than ChatGPT.

  14. New open-source ‘Falcon’ AI language model overtakes Meta and Google

    Meta's massive, 70-billion parameter LLaMA 2 has been outflanked by the newly released 180-billion parameter Falcon Large Language Model.

  15. Slack’s AI tool that can recap channels and threads starts testing this winter

    Slack AI can do things like summarize channel discussions, threads, and search for answers in relevant messages, files, and channels.